Who we are

A leading cultural player
Since its founding in 1977 by Alain Simard, André Ménard and Denyse McCann, L'Équipe Spectra has contributed to developing and raising the profile of the Montreal cultural scene on both the national and international levels, with an array of major productions and events.

Founder of many major crowd-pleasing events such as the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, the Francos de Montréal and MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, l'Équipe Spectra is also known for:

  • High-quality, rich, and diversified stage productions designed for touring. 
  • A daring record label, with a focus on emerging bands as well as established artists of the local and international scene. 
  • A unique cultural complex, housing a performance hall and a documentation center-cinematheque on jazz, in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles in the Maison du Festival.
  • A dynamic artist agency, representing some of the most talented and respected artists on the Quebec and French scenes.
  • Renowned concert venues: MTELUS, M2 and Studio TD.
Alain Simard partners with André Ménard and Denyse McCann to found Spectra Scène, known today as L'Équipe Spectra.
Alain Simard launches the Spectra record label, known today as Spectra Musique.
The first edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (FIJM), on Île-Sainte-Hélène, brings together a hundred artists, including Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Vic Vogel and Ray Charles, and attracts some 12,000 festivalgoers.
Alain Simard launches the Spectrum performance hall with the Public Image Limited group.
While passing the 1000-musician milestone, the FIJM launches its first major free event, a formula that will become one of the trademarks of the event.
La première édition des FrancoFolies de Montréal est présentée au Spectrum.
The first large scale free concert in the history of the FrancoFolies de Montréal attracts some 30,000 festivalgoers.

L’Équipe Spectra acquires a nightclub and concert hall called Métropolis.
MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE is inaugurated, with Paul Bocuse and Charles Dutoit as honorary chairmen. The first edition of the festival attracts 200,000 attendees.
The 5th anniversary of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE sees the first edition of Nuit Blanche in Montreal. 100,000 night owls show up for the event.

With 2 million visits, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal celebrates its 25th anniversary in style and enters the Guinness World Records as the largest jazz festival in the world.
The cultural impact of the FIJM and the massive crowds it draws every year have prompted the city to redesign a section of Jeanne-Mance Street. This project will lead to the inauguration of the Place des Festivals with a Stevie Wonder concert.
The Blumenthal building is granted to the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal for a period of 30 years. The Maison du Festival will be inaugurated within its walls.
It's the 25th anniversary of the FrancoFolies de Montréal! The attendance reaches a peak with 1 million visits to the site.
Attendance at the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival exceeds one million visits.
The Metropolis, acquired in 1997 by L'Équipe Spectra, was renamed the MTELUS.
The FrancoFolies de Montréal become the Francos de Montréal to emphasize the breath of fresh air brought by the arrival of Laurent Saulnier as vice-president of programming.
The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal celebrates its 40th anniversary.

For the 20th anniversary of the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, several new gastronomic events are announced: the Quartier Gourmand, the Nuit Gourmande and the Circuits gourmands.
L'Astral, the performance hall located in the Maison du Festival, is renamed Le Studio TD.
For the first time in 22 years, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE puts skating in the spotlight, thanks in part to the all-new Skating Loop overlooking the Place des Festivals.

Laurent Saulnier becomes a consultant for the FIJM and the Francos de Montréal after 23 years in charge of programming. Maurin Auxéméry is appointed director of programming.